Friday, July 8, 2011

7-7 Appointment

Yesterday we had our third fetal echo with the cardiologist. He was able to see things a good bit better than previously. We still do not have any for sure answers about what is going on but Dr. C feels very confident that it is coarctation of the aorta. We will deliver at UAB and they will do an echo on our baby sometime after he is born(most likely a few hours after birth so that we have our time to bond first, etc.). If the echo shows that what Dr. C thinks is going on is correct then we will most likely have a surgery take place sometime in the first week of life.

Again, this is all what we are thinking as of now, we will not know anything for sure until he is born but this is what we are going with to try and prepare.

Dr. C says that if this is what happens then he expects our baby will do well with the surgery and most babies with this go on to lead a normal life. He will have to see a caridologist periodically for the rest of his life though with this. The surgery will correct the problem, but it could reoccur. It is basically a narrowing in the aortic arch and it could re-narrow over time. This is definately not what we were hoping for but I have mostly been hoping that whatever happens, it will be something we can correct with surgery and I am very pleased that it is not something that the doctors are afraid will threaten his life.

This is not the worst case, it could be much worse, but it is by no means something small. It is just something we have to prepare for and pray and hope for the best. I am having to trust the doctors with our baby's life and trust that they will do what is best.

Please join us in prayer for a smooth delivery. I really want a calm, natural birth. And please pray for the doctors that we will be working with. Pray that they will be open to my wants and that God will give them wisdom while taking care of our baby boy. Thank you all for your prayers so far and for keeping up with us and caring! I have so many emotions going on right now and I can definately tell a difference when people are praying for us.

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  1. Lord, I speak healing over this precious little baby. You are in the miracle working business Lord, and we are asking for a miracle. I pray for peace for Becca and her husband and family. Give them a peace that passes all understanding. God, I pray wisdom for doctors and nurses as they prepare for the arrival of this little blessing. But most of all I will continue to pray for healing, because I know you can do it, God! Hang in there Becca! We will keep praying for a perfectly healthy baby boy for you!!