Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Old Friends

Last night, we went to Pier Park. We were walking around and we ran into some friends from our NICU stay. This is the crazy part, there were two families from the NICU there and they had just run into each other and were talking right when we walked by. So, we didn't run into one family, but two! What are the chances of that happening? None of us knew that the other was going to the beach. It was a God thing. It was so good to see and hug them. If any mama can relate to some of the things we have been through, it would be a NICU mama. I remember the day each of them took their baby home from the hospital. I longed for that day. I was so happy for them and so jealous. I couldn't help but be jealous of them both last night. At the beach with their older child and baby. Seeing them brings back so many memories and stirs up so many emotions. We spent so much time together in the lactation center, pumping milk for our babies, sharing how our sons were doing. They were there when I just sat there and cried until I felt I had no more tears. They were there when the doctor told us that he didn't think Levi was going to survive. I will never forget those women and I will forever pray for them and thank God for bringing them into my life. Other than that, we had a great first day. We had a good time at the beach, pool, and we had some yummy food! Caleb is so happy to be at the beach and he is so stinkin cute! All of the things he says and asks are so funny! I love that boy. Maybe I will be able to get some pictures up when we get back home.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


We are leaving for the beach tomorrow. I know Michael is so ready for a break from work. He has been working so hard and deserves this. I am a little nervous that it will be an emotional trip for me. We are going to the panama city/laguna beach area where we stayed last year. I was pregnant with Levi then. I remember sitting in the pool feeling him kick. That was before we knew that he had CDH. I was so happy to be pregnant. I enjoyed every moment with him and was anxious to meet him. While we sat on the beach, I imagined our next beach trip and how different it would be with Levi. I am so sad to be going on this vacation without him. I wish I could just hold him for a little while again, no, I just want to hold him forever. I am excited about going, though. I think it will be good for us to get away. I am excited about it being just the three of us. We haven't taken a trip like that in a few years. Every year we end up going to the beach with some of our family. We should have lots of fun. If you think about us, please pray for comfort and protection. I hope you all have a great Memorial Day.