Sunday, December 18, 2011

Family Pictures

We had pictures made today for the first time since Levi left us. I wanted to do this before Christmas but I was a little hesitant to do them without Levi. Family pictures are one of the things that will never feel right to me again but I also want to get them taken. I grabbed a few things of Levi's to take with us so that we could include him somehow. We brought a balloon, his first stuffed animal that was brought to the hospital for him, and a picture of him. We also brought his blanket that we held him with (and also buried half of it with him) but didn't use that this time. I can't wait to see what Natalie did with everything. I know that family pictures will always be hard for us from here until forever but I am thankful for a sweet friend who is so great at working with us through all of this! Thank you, Sez Me Photography!

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