Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nursery Bedding...

I still haven't decided what colors to do the nursery in! Ahhh! We have two months left! I have narrowed it down to a few favorite beddings, though...
I really like the colors in this one. I didn't think I wanted a theme and I usually don't like alphabet themes, but this one is pretty cute.
MiGi Alphabet 4-Piece Baby Bedding Set
The next one is an example of something similar to what I would have custom made. It would use the same colors and have the polkadot fabric and a different striped fabric along with a soft blue and a brown. The one in the picture is pretty similar to what we would make though...
Short Latte 4-Piece Baby Bedding Set
The last one is not something I thought I would pick out because I am not really big into the theme rooms but the whales are pretty cute!
MiGi Little Whale 4-Piece Baby Bedding Set

I can't decide which one I like the best! I really want to start on the nursery especially since Michael starts his vacation on Monday and he can paint for me!

Tell me which one you like the best or if you have seen something cuter!

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