Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Due Date!

Well, today is my due date. I remember how I felt on this day when I was pregnant with Caleb. I was in shock that I was still pregnant! Two of my sisters had already had babies and both had their babies early and I just knew I would be like them. Little did I know, he would wait another ten days to decide he was ready to enter the world. Every day I was thinking "maybe today will be the day!"

I had no expectations of going early with this one which is probably part of the reason I wasn't freaking out about the nursery coming together so late in the pregnancy. While I am anxious to meet my sweet little boy, I am ok with him staying in a little longer. I have enjoyed being pregnant so much and I love feeling his kicks and movements (even at this point when they can be quite painful!). I am kind of hoping Levi doesn't wait as long as his big brother to make his appearance, but that will be fine with me if he does. Not too much longer now!

40 Weeks  :)

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