Thursday, August 4, 2011

What's Been Going Through My Head Lately

For the first few days after finding out about everything going on with sweet Levi, I was really upset and couldn't help but replay all the things the doctors kept saying over and over in my head. I guess it takes a little while to sink in, plus going to the doctor one day and then again the next day was just overwhelming.

I started asking everyone I know to pray for us. Michael talked to his friends and some of his coworkers and the support has really helped! So many people want to keep up with Levi and be there for us right now. We are both so appreciative of everyone who is praying and sharing our story. We are so appreciative of the notes people have send us and the messages just to let us know they are praying. It is so amazing how God lines everything up and puts angels in people's lives to help them through hard times.

Now, I do not feel overcome with worry. Michael and I have so much faith. We truly believe that Levi is meant to be here with us in our lives and he has an amazing purpose. We truly believe that God is going to heal him; we may have a long journey ahead of us and our little guy may have a rough start (I say may because I do believe that he could do amazing and be much better off than the doctors think) but we do believe that we will bring him home and his life will bring so much glory to God!

On a side note...we bought letters to spell Levi in the nursery, but we haven't put them up on the wall yet. Caleb was in there playing with the letters trying to spell other words with those four little letters, rearranging them over and over on the floor, and he came up with LIVE. I can't believe I didn't realize that before. I think that is so cool and just amazing!

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