Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Nursery!

We have spent a lot of time the last week or two trying to pull the nursery together so I wanted to upload a few pictures to show where we are. It is (almost) finished!

Sorry about the bad pictures!

Close up of above the bed

We are putting a canvas on the shelf beside his name as soon as it is finished. (A sweet friend is making it for us)

Blessing ring that I made...It holds all of the cards and things like that we have gotten for Levi
Close up

Clipboard wall! We are going to add some pictures to the empty ones later :)  And that chair will not be in the nursery, we are putting a glider in as soon as we get it

Well, thats it. Can't wait to get the last few things in, but I feel better now that is is mostly finished!

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