Saturday, May 7, 2011

21 Week Appointment and Unexpected News

I wish I had started this blog awhile back so that all of this could have been posted as it happened, but I remember exactly how I felt during each of these moments that I am going to write about and it is probably better to write about it later when I am not a emotional. As of right now, we are 26 weeks :)

So, we had our big appointment with the ultrasound at 21 weeks. Let me just say that even at 21 weeks I was so nervous to go in to the appointment. For those who do not know, we had two miscarriages last year and it seems impossible not to be at least a little nervous before every appointment. Anyway, we watched our little boy move around on the ultrasound for awhile and then we went into our room to wait to be seen by the doctor.

When he came in the room, he told us that our baby's heart was on the right side of his chest. I heard him say that this was most likely situs inversus and if that was the case that he would have a completely normal life with no complications, just with things flipped on the inside. Despite hearing that, I walked out to our car and cried for awhile. All I really heard was that something could be wrong with our little boy who we had been praying for so much for so long. After I calmed down and read a little about situs inversus, I was still so nervous, but I felt a little better. They scheduled an appointment for a target ultrasound a week later at UAB so we spent the next week in prayer for our baby.

The next post will be about that appointment.

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