Saturday, May 7, 2011

23 Week Appointment and Target Ultrasound

At 23 weeks, we went in for our target ultrasound to look more closely at the heart and determine if our baby had situs inversus or if there was something else causing the heart to be on the right side. After a few minutes, they determined that it was situs inversus (PTL! that's what we were praying for!) and we also were able to determine that the stomach was also flipped, which is good (it means that most likely everything is flipped on the inside).

While there we also found out that one side of the heart is larger than the other when they should be about equal. Of course, I start freaking out again and go cry in the car. We didn't get any answers about what this could mean or how serious it could be. Just another appointment with another doctor. So in a week we would see a pediatric cardiologist who would look at the heart more closely and do a fetal echo. I did not read anything about what could cause this because I feared that there would be horrible things that I didn't need to read. The one thing that did give me a little relief was that everything was functioning properly and the doctor said it wasn't an emergency or they would have fit us in the same day.

So, we spend another week in prayer for our baby boy. At times, I couldn't think of anything else. At times, I cried and feared the worst. But, over just a few days I felt a sense of peace. So many friends sent me messages and texts letting me know they were praying and I think with that and all the praying I was doing for the baby and for my nerves, God just took care of me. I don't think I would be able to get through things like this without Michael. He isn't emotional like my preggie self and he just shows strength. He always makes me believe that everything is alright and I don't know what I would do without him by my side.

The next post will be about the appointment with the cardiologist.

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