Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Today's Appointment

We went back to the cardiologist this morning to do another fetal echo and see if anything has changed...

The doctor isn't really concerned at all about hypoplastic left heart syndrome anymore. He is really thinking he will be normal or possibly coarctation of the aorta. This is great news! But, we really won't be able to tell for sure if there is anything going on unil after he is born. What they can see is limited in the womb and they will be able to do an echo once he is born to determine if there is anything going on or not. We will go back in 8 weeks and do another fetal echo to see if things change in that time. The doctor said everything is looking great and he is very optimistic that everything is going to be normal. looks like most likely I will deliver at UAB. We won't decide anything until the next appointment when I am 36 weeks, but the baby will need to be checked out either way once he is born and if surgery is required they would end up sending him to UAB anyway so I am thinking it would be best to go ahead and deliver there and let the doctor we have been seeing there be the one to look at him once he is born. That is getting a little ahead, we have 8 more weeks to decide for sure.

I am so excited that things haven't gotten worse with his heart! I am so grateful for all of our friends who have been praying and I am so grateful that God has been taking care of our sweet little boy for us!


  1. This is great news! I know you must be flowing with joy right now. God is healer for sure!! :)

  2. He is precious and I am SO thankful God is answering our prayers. I will keep on!

  3. wonderful news!!!