Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nursery Ideas...?

Now that I finally have the old office all cleared out I want to start on the nursery but I have no inspiration! I want it to be cute but I don't want to go all out. I want it to be thrifty and crafty and look complete.

This is one I found online that I kind of like. It is the closest I have gotten to something I want/like but I don't really like these colors, just the modern, simple decor in here...

sawyer's modern boy nursery

orange nursery shelvesmodern orange africa jungle safari wall art

ABC brown nursery wall art

modern nursery tree stencil mural

modern nursery boy storage

I really love how simple the decor is in here and I love the shelves with the bins for storage. I think I might want to do a vintage look or an urban look with the colors that can sort of be changed into a "big boy" room later, but not sure yet because we may be putting the boys in a room together once #2 is old enough.

So, what do you think? Send me any ideas you have because I am really lacking!

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