Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 47

Today was a pretty uneventful day which is not really a bad thing in the NICU. We didn't really change much. Last night they turned the rate on the vent down from 76 to 70 and it stayed there all day today. Levi's last three gases before we left were good but there was a doctor there who isn't there very often so she said not to wean on the vent at all. Hopefully his gases will stay good through the night and we will be able to wean on the rate tomorrow some. His oxygen that he is getting from the machine was down from 100% to 92% so that is better but we have a long way to go to get that down to 60%. At this point we will not be having surgery by Friday unless he just starts doing a lot more tomorrow and gets his vent settings way down (which I will not say definitely will not happen since everything turned around so quickly before coming off ECMO). As soon as I have a definite date for surgery, I will let everyone know. It is just going to depend on him and how fast he can get down on the vent. He was still getting cranky some today and dropping his sats if he got too mad, but I think he was a little more comfortable than yesterday and recovering more quickly. His x-ray looked about the same today but not quite as good as one from a few days ago. His breath sounds were good. So, right now we need to be praying for low Co2 and for high sats. We really need him to be oxygenating much better.

I need to be taking more pictures of people when they come to visit Levi. If you come, please remind me. Tonight Mrs. Micheal visited so I told her she had to go on the blog.


  1. Oh, what a sweet baby! Praying so hard for your family -- for low CO2 and high, stable sats, for peaceful rest for Levi, wisdom for the doctors, peace and comfort for Levi's mom, dad, and big brother. Mostly what I so earnestly ask God for is His complete healing for Levi -- that in His providence He would breathe into Levi the breath of life and Levi's little lungs would grow and expand. I don't know you all, but have walked this CDH journey as well and it can be bumpy. But the Lord was so faithful through it all. Bless your family and your sweet Levi.

  2. During our journey, I learned that babies perceive all stress the same, which is why they de-sat as much for a poop as they do when they hurt. Lucky for Levi, he has a great momma whose making sure he's as comfortable as possible to keep those numbers up!

  3. After how fast things turned around before I believe all this can happen quickly. Praying and sending love.