Sunday, October 9, 2011

More Progress (Day 44)

It is absolutely amazing what has happened in the last couple of days! God is really making Levi a sweet miracle! We continued weaning Levi on everything today and at about 12:45 PM, they started to trial off. This is the process of getting him down to "idle". He did great all day. We got to idle around 8:00 PM and he has been doing really good. They are working on tweaking all of the ventilator settings to get everything right where we need it. Now we need to remember to sing praises to our God for granting us what we are asking of Him and keep praying. We need to pray that Levi will do good all night so that we will come off ECMO tomorrow like we have been talking about today. We believe that God will keep working on Levi and help him all during the night and help him have a smooth transition off of ECMO.

When you go on dialysis, you risk the kidneys shutting down. We knew this when starting dialysis, but we knew that dialysis was the only way we were going to get him dry enough to try and use his lungs. He has been off of dialysis since about 6:30 this morning and when we left at 10 he still hadn't gone tee-tee. We need to add this to our prayers for Levi. We need him to go tee-tee during the night and we need him to get those kidneys working again. We have just got to ask God for these things and believe that He will take care of this for us.

I am so overwhelmed with excitement. Levi is doing so good. We have to continue to trust our Father and push all the doubts and fears away. I have so many emotions right now, I am just overwhelmed, but in a good way. Please, please everyone continue to pray through the night that everything continues to go well and God keeps Levi going and protects him tomorrow while coming off ECMO. Pray that he is 100% ready to come off tomorrow. And of course, PRAISE THE LORD, for this is all His work!


  1. Praying hard for Levi!!!! You can do it baby!!!! Praying for a very, very good day!!!!
    Mom to Dakota 12-25-2008
    RCDH/ ECMO/ Premie Survivor

  2. I love that you update so often because I check every time I get online...this is wonderful! I was up with my 5 month old last night and prayed for Levi. Excited to hear more good news today!

  3. Our family was so energized last last night (day 44)based on all you have shared and we all went to bed with grateful hearts to God! We are awaiting GOOD NEWS for today...believing we will hear Levi tee-teed and that he is indeed coming off the ECMO!

  4. Glory to GOD! :) I found your blog through Kelly Stamps a few weeks ago and have been praying for you ever since. I also shared your story on my Facebook and asked all of my friends to pray for your sweet Levi! Thank you so much for sharing your honest fears and your great faith!!! God Bless!

  5. Yay!!! This is great news!!! I'll continue to pray for Cherub Levi. Remember your Cherubs family is here for you.

  6. I heard about you and your precious Levi through Chrissy Hardy. We will be holding Levi up to the Lord fervently!

  7. Hi!
    A friend lifted your son's name up via fbk (Kristi Jones) and mentioned he was coming off ECMO. My daughter was on ECMO in Jan 2010 as a 3 yr old with croup/Staph Pneumonia. I just want to give you a little encouragement...our daughter looks amazing almost 2 years later. If you ever have questions of another ECMO mom feel free to friend me on fbk & I'd be happy to share our little piece of the ECMO experience. I will continue to pray during the night for baby Levi to maintain his stats & pee like a rock star (once G's heart started doing more of the work than the ECMO, her kidneys responded almost immediately). Hopeful that Levi's progress will continue to amaze his medical team!
    With hope, Eleanor Christiansen