Monday, September 26, 2011

1 Month Old

It is hard to believe our sweet boy is a month old. I guess because we are still in the hospital, it feels like maybe a week. So, when we got here this morning the flow was back up to about .450. They told us that they were going to change out the circuit today and possibly start steroids tomorrow. It is very important that Levi does well with the circuit change and doesn't gain too much fluid. I think he has been pretty dry the last day or two and that plus starting back the chest PT seems to have given him some room to open up those lungs (or at least start trying to). He had a little more air in his right lung on the X-ray this morning but still has so far to go. Pray this circuit change doesn't set him back too far but especially pray he doesn't lose this small amount of air. He needs so much more, this is just a tiny amount but at least he is letting a little in. Now we need them to open up and God to breathe into him! When we left for lunch his sats were dropping like crazy and the flow was back up to .500. We know that this is the last run on ECMO. This week he has GOT to make progress! Yesterday was a start and now that his sats are back down we have to pray with all we've got that he will build off of the little progress he made and run with it! His sats need to get better and the settings need to go back down! I will try and update tonight and I am hoping we will have some positive news to share.

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