Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 32

Today was not the best day. It was uneventful, which I suppose is good. Sats were not great, they were decent in the morning but jumping around all day and lower in the evening. Flow is up around .520.  Breath sounds are gone today. We gained about 200 grams after the circuit change so that is most likely why we have lost the breath sounds. We lost some air on the X-ray this morning but not all of it. With breath sounds being gone, the rest may or may not be gone tomorrow. Hopefully we will lose that extra fluid and tomorrow he will be more dry again and have gained some breath sounds back.

The plan for now is to do another round of steroids starting tomorrow and do the nitric oxide probably the next day. They are also talking about trying to turn the vent up and wean from ECMO this week. Not sure when and exactly what the process will be, but the nurse practitioner was saying we are trying to get him back to where he was on Sunday and try and push him off ECMO. We really really need him to get some air in those lungs and be able to wean from ECMO this week! We need another day like Sunday and we need to grow from there! Let's keep praying for a miracle for Levi!

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