Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 30

Today was a really good day for Levi. This morning his flow was down to .240! That is WAY better than it has been. To come off of ECMO we need it to be at .200. For the past week or so it has been around .500 so that was a huge thing for him. By the time we left it was up to .320 but that is still much better than it has been and he seemed to be tolerating it pretty well. I could not believe it when I first heard that his flow was down. I started tearing up because no one has expected him to turn it back around and especially him making such good progress so quickly.

Last Friday was his good day that happened after the prayer vigil and today he had a really good day while so many people were fasting and praying for him. This little guy wants all of our attention and he wants it at the same time! ;)  No, but seriously, God is listening to us and hears our prayers. Please all of you, do not give up. Your prayers mean so much. I wish I could do something/give something to show how much I appreciate it but there is nothing I can do to express my gratitude. When Levi pulls through, I think we will all be so overwhelmed with joy and that will be reward enough but I still wish I could show you all how much you mean to our family. We have never met so many of you and you have taken such an interest in our family and especially Levi. Wow! I can not say that I have taken such an interest in a stranger before and I have definitely learned so much in the last four weeks just about the power of prayer and how easy it is to be there for people when they are in need from all of you. Thank you all for checking on us, for bringing us food, for making sure we are ok with money, for sitting with us and making us laugh on bad days. Most of all, thank you all for praying. Levi still has SO FAR to go and he could go backwards at any time. I am hoping that you will all continue to pray as much as you can that he will stay doing good throughout the night and when we get back in the morning he will still be doing good. Hopefully he can make some more progress tomorrow!

Forgot...he also had some breath sounds today (more during the day and a little less at night) and there was the smallest amount of air in his right lung on his x-ray this morning, but we will take it! Hoping it will just grow from there and his lungs will fill up!

We love you all so much! Our family has grown to include you all!


  1. Praise God!!! What wonderful news! I prayed a long prayer for Levi last night. God is so good!

  2. Wonderful! still praying!!