Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day 23

Today has been a pretty typical day in the NICU. Levi spent the day staying about the same as he has been. This morning they were no longer hearing breath sounds and all day they slowly went up on the settings. Not what we were hoping for.  :(  This evening they heard some breath sounds but not as much as they heard two nights ago. That was a really good night and we are very ready for some more nights like that! I am hoping that he was giving us a sign that he is trying and after this going backwards, he will slowly get back to there and not go back down.

I guess tonight we need to be praying that he will be breathing and opening his lungs. They do his daily X-ray around 3-4am so let's pray that between now and then he gets his lungs open more and has a good X-ray for us to see in the morning.

This little boy is wearing me down. I get so hopeful then we go backwards and I think he is just trying to mess with me. I am trying to encourage him so much but that means that I also have to stay super positive and encouraged myself. Today was one of those days when I just have to keep reminding myself that he needs me to stay positive. He needs me to have it together for him so that I can encourage him. I can't be encouraging when I am sitting there feeling beat by the machine. I think this is kind of like a game we are playing against the machine. We are amazed by this insane piece of equipment that is helping our baby try to get stronger, but at the same time it feels like we are trying to get he settings down and him less dependant on it and it is beating us today, going up and up. So discouraging! Now that I have vented about it I will try and rest and sleep off today. Tomorrow is a new day and when we get there in the morning we will be greeted with good news about how great he was during the night and encouraged by his X-ray showing improvement! That is what I will pray for and believe. God will heal Levi because we are asking Him to in faith. I think I will go dream about holding my baby and hearing him cry now and maybe get some tears of my own out then pull it together for tomorrow.
Life for Levi! Levi=LIVE!


  1. still praying mama. so much!

  2. Today is NEW day and His mercies are new every morning, GREAT is His faithfulness! Praying with you all today for the healing hand of God to be evident enough for you to see and realize and to build your faith! Love to Levi!!! Levi, be healed by the power of Jesus' name!!