Friday, September 23, 2011

4 Weeks Old

When we got to the NICU this morning, Levi was the same as when we left last night. After a little while his numbers got a little better and we were able to take the settings down on the pump a little. He handles the lower settings for a little while and then we slowly had to go back up. By the end of the night they were even higher than when we started this morning. It is very discouraging. I think our Levi is a little tease.

We talked to the doctors today about what our plan is from here. I was very afraid that they were going to tell us that this was it. The plan now is to change the circuit either this weekend or Monday at the latest and after that we will do another round of steroids and the nitric oxide and just sort of hit him with all that we have left and see if that will push him into opening those lungs. This is basically our last option and the only thing we have left to try. No one has any hope with this, but we want to try everything we can to help him and give him this last push. We know that with how much support he is on and how he can't seem to get his numbers where they need to be still and the fact that his lungs are still empty, it is not likely that he will turn it around now but we are going to stay hopeful because despite the likelihood and despite how small the chance is, God doesn't need good chances and He can turn it around in an instance. Our Levi can still be a miracle so we are going to hope for that. I am so glad that we have this plan though because most of the time when a baby has been on ECMO this long with no progress, they give up. Praying we don't get there and praying for our miracle!


  1. Praying for you & sweet little Levi too! Miracles do still happen and I believe little Levi can be one of those. Stay positive and keep trusting. Thank you for your faithfulness to blog and keep us updated on Levi's progress too.

  2. I've never met you but want you to know that I have been praying for Levi since before he was born. I'm a friend of Jennifer Vines and know Brandy too. Praying for a miracle and for peace as you wait.