Friday, September 16, 2011

3 Weeks Old

I am so happy to be writing this update tonight. Today started out like most days. After Michael dropped Caleb off at school we got all of our stuff together and headed to the hospital. When we got there Levi was doing about the same. His settings on the ECMO were higher than last night and his sats were kind of low (which is typical for him-those numbers are always crazy). I read to him for a long time today. Most of the time we spent there I was reading to Levi and talking to him. We were encouraging him to breathe and reminding him how strong he is and that we were there for him. My goodness, I love that sweet boy. He looks up at us with the sweetest eyes and I just fall even more in love.

Well, we left around 6 to go eat dinner with Michael's mom and step-dad. We took Memphis' parents with us and headed out towards Springville. After dinner, we rushed back to the hospital (we always want to spend as much time with our boys as possible). I had to pump as soon as we got there but when I got upstairs I looked at all of Levi's many machines and screens. His sats were in the upper 90's and the settings on the machine were lower than when we left. While we sat there she kept lowering the settings little by little and he was handling it! I am so excited that he was doing better; his numbers had been pretty low for a lot of the day. Then his nurse told me that she heard some breath sounds! PRAISE THE LORD! This morning she said she couldn't hear anything and now she was hearing breath sounds in his right lung. All we have heard up to this point were some distant breath sounds that we very hard to hear and only in the top of the right lung. This time, breath sounds in the top and even some in the bottom. We told Levi we were so proud of him and kept encouraging him and telling him how much we love him and I just prayed and thanked God for a small amount of progress and for getting us somewhere we haven't been yet. I am believing that Levi will do great through the night and praying for God to continue breathing air into his lungs and to keep him going good through the night so when we get there tomorrow his settings will not be back up.

Praise God with us for answering our prayers and continue to pray that Levi will keep this progress and God will add to it! Let's pray that the x-ray tomorrow will show some of this air in his lungs!

Can't get this song out of my head right now!


  1. Oh my goodness! i have been waiting for an update, and just prayed and prayed since yesterday evening that ya'll would have some hopeful news! this makes me so happy! still praying like crazy! Thank you LORD!!

  2. Praise God! Thinking of & praying for your family.

  3. I'm in tears reading this! Keep it up, Levi!!

  4. i have chills and am crying. becca i am so happy for progress. GO LEVI GO!!!

  5. So wonderful to hear, Becca! We're praying!!