Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 27

Levi was the same today as yesterday. He is not doing good. His little lungs are just not making progress. It is very frustrating. I was talking to his evening nurse today and she feels the same way. We are all just so frustrated because we want him to make progress and get better and he isn't. I don't know what the plan is from here, we might try and talk with Dr. Anderson and see if there is ANYTHING else we can try. His circuit is getting lots of clots again and I don't know if they will change out the circuit and give him a little more time or not. I just want him to turn it all around in the next day or two. I know we are not far from them giving up. I just prayed tonight and told God that I wasn't giving up yet. I know that He is still able to heal Levi completely and bring him home with us. Levi needs a miracle. We don't know what is going to happen but we can't give up yet. No one at the hospital expects Levi to turn it around at this point. He has gone so far backwards that it doesn't seem likely that he will turn it around but the nurse assured me that they have not given up yet. We know that there isn't an expiration date for God, He can heal Levi whenever if that is His plan.

I love the nurse we had tonight. She cares so much and I know it is hard for her to watch us going through this and have to hear what the doctors say. So it was very hard to sit with her and talk about how we all know that he is just not doing good. As hard as this is, we know that we will be alright and God will pull us through all of this. This is all so hard, indescribably hard but even through all this, God is good and our hope and trust is in Him.


  1. Many hugs are surrounding y'all right now. I love Levi and God does too, much more than we can ever imagine. Levi is one of God's children. Please know I will always be here no matter what. If you need a shoulder to cry on.. if you need someone to talk to (even text).. if you need someone to walk day by day with you.. I'm always here! Lots of love.

  2. becca, i am thinking of you constantly and praying with all my heart and soul.

  3. Praying for your little man. I truly hope something changes for him today. I know how it feels to have the doctors tell you "this is it", but he may surprise them all. I will pray that he does.