Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Dream Last Night

I have only had a few dreams about Levi and they have all been weird except for the one from last night. I walked into the NICU and Levi's head was where his feet had been. He was moving his arms and legs and looking up at me like he was so happy and I noticed there were no more wires or monitors attached to him. So I asked the nurse if I could hold him. She looked at me like she didn't know if that was ok then said, "Yes". I picked him up and sat in a rocking chair and just rocked him. I thought he was going to squirm around a lot because he looked bigger like 3 months, but he just laid still and looked up at me. It was so sweet. I can't wait for this reality. Rocking my healthy baby boy.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you, Lord, for your tender presence through Becca's dream. You desire LIFE for Levi. And you are faithful, trustworthy, beautiful and gracious. Thank you, Father, for your loving kindness. You ARE hope!! More of YOU, Lord, RAIN DOWN MORE of YOU, King of Kings!!